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Southeast Asian Greens and Noodles

Posted by tinako on October 13, 2010

Southeast Asian Greens and Noodles, Rose Oolong Tea, and Spicy Tempeh Sushi

My parents came for dinner and we had Southeast Asian Greens and Noodles made with soba and all bok choy in place of the other cooking greens.  With this we had Sushi with Spicy Tempeh Filling, “black fungus,” chives, and bok choy.  We had a pot of rose oolong tea as well.

Spicy Tempeh Sushi

The bok choy in my cottage garden was an unusable three inches high all summer, and then when we came back after a few weeks to close up, it had grown so much my fridge has been jammed with it for a week.  It doesn’t look like it would freeze well, so there are still more bok choy meals in my very near future.

Rice Pudding

Dessert was Rice Pudding, to make use of the three containers of brown rice that were also jamming my fridge.  My husband made a shaker of Toasted Almond, a drink with equal parts soy creamer, amaretto, and Kahlua.


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