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Chocolate Showdown

Posted by tinako on October 15, 2010

Last week I bought a bar of Ghirardelli 72% and Lindt 70% to do a dark chocolate taste test.  Most of these companies’ product line are non-vegan but these are exceptions.  Note that cocoa butter is vegan.

My husband and I have had the Ghirardelli before (as baking chips, which I don’t think they make any more), and we started with that, then trying the Lindt.  We both agreed the Lindt had a very strange flavor.  The ingredients were the same, but I thought it was almost as if it had rum in it or something.  But I thought perhaps it was just not what we were used to, so gave it another chance: We only eat one or two pieces per night (if any), and as the week progressed we ate up first the Ghirardelli and then moved to the Lindt, and when we were eating the Lindt by itself it was fine.

So I was in the store today and saw that the Lindt was marked “New Recipe” and “Smooth Dark” instead of “Intense Dark.”  We still had two pieces of the old kind left, so we did another taste test.  We started with the old and moved to the new, not looking at the ingredients or nutrition info until we had finished tasting.  The new Lindt is very different, smoother, lighter, creamier, softer, sweeter… and less chocolatey.  I think my husband might have liked it better, since he only eats the dark because it is what I bring home.  But not me – I have grown to like the intense flavor of dark chocolate, and this isn’t it.  After the old version, it tasted like vaguely chocolatey Crisco.

Then I compared the backs of the packages.   I’m not sure I understand how they did this.  In a 40 g (4 squares) serving they added 2 g of fat (saturated), 1 g of fiber, and 1 g of sugar, while keeping the cocoa at 70%.  4 g is 10% of the product.  The total fat (19 g) carbs (17 g) and protein (3 g) comes to 39 of the 40 g of product.  Clearly I don’t understand how the 70% works in, though I can understand that original cocoa itself may very well have fat or carbohydrate in it.   They added the ingredient soya lecithin, which has fat.

I’m just now eating another piece of the new Lindt, with a fresh palate, all in the name of fair testing, and it still tastes like nothing.  I won’t buy this again.  I’m going back to Ghirardelli or possibly Wegman’s.  You can probably save money by looking for the Ghirardelli baking bar in the baking section.  I presume it’s similar – do a taste test!


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