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Lasagna Rollups

Posted by tinako on October 16, 2010

Lasagna Dinner

I made Tomato Sauce today with some garden Roma tomatoes ripening on my counter.  I don’t really follow a recipe when I make it from fresh tomatoes, so today it was just sliced garlic (a couple cloves) sauted in olive oil on low, and then I added about 3 qts quartered Romas, one slice of minced jalapeno, and about half a cup of frozen parsley.  After it cooked down for a few hours I used my immersion blender on it, then tasted it, added about 1 T oregano and a little salt.  I let it cook down a bit more until it was as thick as I wanted.

We had our usual Saturday night dinner, Lasagna Rollups, whole wheat rigatoni with the tomato sauce, Cashew Parmesan to sprinkle on those, Focaccia with olive oil and Dipping Spices, salad with Italian Dressing, and Swedish Hill Viking Red wine.


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