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Posted by tinako on October 31, 2010

Mad Pumpkin

This morning my daughter and I walked to the farmer’s market and there was a free kids’ stand where my daughter could decorate a pumpkin.  It looked so easy to put the activity together and made such cute pumpkins.  The teenagers running it just handed each child a little pumpkin and set them loose with pins and veggie scraps: slices and bits of raw beets, radishes, carrots, red pepper, and garlic greens.  I would definitely do this as a craft with a group of kids.

Dinner was plain.  We had Baked Potatoes, King Cabbage, and leftover Focaccia.  I also mixed some leftover red beans with a little bit of salsa and some cumin, and served that to go over the potatoes in place of margarine, or on the side.

Here’s a list of vegan Halloween candy from Farm Sanctuary.


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