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Lentil Soup

Posted by tinako on November 3, 2010

Cajun Cauliflower, Apple Wheat Rolls, and Lentil Soup

My parents came for dinner and we had Lentil Soup, Cajun Cauliflower, and Apple Wheat Rolls.  I was thinking about this soup all day – it was so good.  My Dad really liked the rolls.

Apple Cake

Dessert was Apple Zucchini Cake only with shredded apple replacing the zucchini.  I baked it 75 min.  It was good but I wish it weren’t so wet when done.  Maybe I need to use less shredded fruit/veg.

With dessert we had Harney & Sons Black Currant Flavored Black Tea.  I’m not usually hot on fruit-flavored teas, but this is really good.


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