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Obesity and Physical Activity

Posted by tinako on November 8, 2010

Steven N. Blair

I just listened to a Yale Rudd Center podcast interview of Steven Blair, PED.  I just the other day listened to Boyd Swinburn talk about how physical activity does not seem to be the main power behind the obesity epidemic, and while Blair does not seem sure about that, he makes the point that while physical inactivity will probably not help an obese person return to normal weight, it makes a big difference in health.

In his research, subjects’ mortality dropped when they added physical activity, such that the increased mortality associated with obesity disappeared.  Diabetes rates lessened, though not to the level of a person of normal weight.  All of this means that a person who is unable to lower their weight can still be healthier as long as they are physically active.  Great news!

One Response to “Obesity and Physical Activity”

  1. tinako said

    Another less positive (but not contradictory) article on healthiness of obesity:

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