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Posted by tinako on November 25, 2010

Tofu Turkey

We were at my in-laws’ for Thanksgiving and I contributed a few dishes for the vegetarians and vegans so my MIL wouldn’t have to worry about us.  In the past I have enjoyed just making a meal of the potatoes and so forth, and my requested contribution was bread, but this time I decided to try a half a Tofu Turkey.

It was very good.  Really the only problem is that it was overcooked.  The directions said it could be cooked all day.  I didn’t even go that far, cooking it for 3 hours and then it sat in the cooling oven for an hour while we waited for the tardy real turkey.  So it kind of collapsed and the skin was too tough to eat, but the insides were quite good, and omnivores liked it, too.  Actually, one other problem is that when I flipped it over to put it in the oven, some cracks formed under its sinking weight.

As an aside, I think it’s kind of weird that a vegetarian would want their tofu creation to look more like an actual carcass by forming the extra tofu into little arms and legs, per the original recipe.   I didn’t have any leftover tofu – I just smoothed it onto the bottom.  Which may have been why it sagged and cracked open.


This recipe needs Stuffing (and I’m pretty sure my MILs StoveTop Stuffing is not vegetarian).

As a traveling tip, I blended up the tofu and made the marinade and stuffing (uncooked) at home on Tuesday, then put the tofu in the colander when we arrived Wednesday evening so everything was ready to assemble Thursday morning.

I also made up some Hain’s gravy from a packet, and I mashed my MIL’s potatoes with Earth Balance margarine and potato cooking water, like I always do.  Those were very popular.  There was also a nice salad and squash with Earth Balance.

We had wine, with tea and apple pie for dessert.


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