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Cow Peas

Posted by tinako on December 9, 2010

Cow Peas and Broccoli

I was looking for something different at the supermarket and noticed the big variety of bags of dry legumes in the Goya section.  I picked up three I’d never tried before: cow peas, pigeon peas, and fava beans.  Tonight I tried the recipe on the back of the bag of cow peas, and we really liked it.

So we had Cow Peas and Rice and microwaved broccoli.

Also today I made Whole Wheat Cinnamon Raisin Bread and Kale Chips.


4 Responses to “Cow Peas”

  1. gail said

    For the favas,after you boil them up, cook them again with olive oil and garlic and pasta. You want it soupy. Very Italian with crusty bread to sop it up.

  2. Rob said

    Linda and I enjoy trying new beans too. Gail is right – favas may be the risotto of beans. After cooking they get very soft and can be mashed very easily, making them very good to dilute and make sauces. The flavor is earthy so they do well with Indian or Italian spices.

    Just made some cinnamon bread yesterday too. Must be something in the cold air.

  3. […] the cow peas and the pigeon peas I bought the other day seem to be subtle variations on black-eyed-peas.  Instead of white with black dot […]

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