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Refrigerator Soup

Posted by tinako on December 13, 2010

Dinner was Refrigerator Soup made with leeks, garlic, red potato, carrot, celery, pigeon peas, kohlrabi greens, parsley, savory, thyme, and whole wheat alphabet noodles.

Both the cow peas and the pigeon peas I bought the other day seem to be subtle variations on black-eyed-peas.  Instead of white with black dot “eyes,” they are light brown with more subtle “eyes,” the pigeon peas sized and shaped like fresh green peas, and the cow peas being lentil-sized.  I get the impression from various online sources that “cow pea” is a general term for a family of dried peas that are not the same as the green peas we think of, so what my package calls “cow peas” probably has a more specific name.   Cow peas are an important crop in Africa and the Southern U.S. since they thrive in hot dry conditions.  They need long dry summers.  They’re an important part of Southern culture and are associated with Confederate soldiers and, unfortunately,  slave ships.

With that we had rolls from the freezer, probably Apple Wheat.


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