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Mexican Rice

Posted by tinako on December 16, 2010

Mexican Rice, Potato Leek Soup, King Cabbage, and Sauteed Broccoli Rabe

My parents came for dinner.  I was going to be out until just before dinner, so I came up with a mostly make-ahead menu.

We had Mexican Rice, using leftover takeout rice and cooked chickpeas from the freezer.  So then all I had to do was chop the onions, saute with frozen yellow pepper, add jarred salsa, and heat it all up.

King Cabbage can be prepared in under a minute and tucked into the oven on timer.

I had leeks to use up so I made a Potato Leek Soup, which was more or less Refrigerator Soup, only I just dumped the veggies in a pot, covered with water, and put in the fridge ready to cook when I got home.  In it were 3 c mix of red and sweet potatoes, 2 c mix of leeks and onion, a couple cloves of garlic, a celery stalk, probably half a cup of frozen parsley and a couple T of frozen dill.  When I cooked it I added veg bouillon base paste to taste.

I also had Broccoli Rabe (a leafy green) and I decided to saute it.  I trimmed off the bases of the stalks but left the leafy stems.  Directions I found online all said to pre-boil it and then chill it, but I don’t like to boil veggies unless it’s soup, since you’re dumping out the vitamins, so I steamed them and then chilled them in ice water, and put the drained cooked leaves in the fridge.  So at dinnertime I heated up some olive oil and sauteed about 4 crushed cloves of garlic and some hot pepper flakes until I was ready to do the greens.  I discarded the garlic and tossed the greens in the oil to coat and heat up.  A big bunch (volleyball sized) didn’t make much more than a cup of finished food.

Half Moon Cookies

The post-errand cook time was 30 minutes.

Dessert was the leftover defrosted Half Moon Cookies.  They kept fine.

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