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Popcorn and Raspberry Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cake

Posted by tinako on January 8, 2011

P.F. Chang's Mini Desserts

We went out for lunch to P.F. Chang’s.  This is my second time to this chain as a vegan and both times the waiters bent over backwards to be sure my meal was vegan.  He volunteered to bring out the cooking instructions/ingredients for Coconut Curry and together we verified it was vegan.  My daughter had Baby Buddha with brown rice and added tofu; weird that he said it would only be vegan steamed, not fried.  Something about a shared pan I think.

Their desserts were not vegan but we liked that they were available in such small portions.  Well, the Great Wall of Chocolate wasn’t – it was a six-layer chocolate cake.  My son begged me to make one, and I said I didn’t have six pans but then figured out I could use one pan, cut the cake into six pieces and stack them up.  Voila!  Anyway, the other desserts seemed to be stuff layered in a large shot glass.  Some were a chocolate or vanilla sheet cake cut into 1″ squares, and variations seemed to include raspberry, mousse, whipped cream and cherries, maybe nuts.  One was called “apple pie.”  There were eight options.  These fancy desserts probably did not take too much more effort than a regular cake.

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cake with Raspberry Sauce

With a big lunch under our belts, and our kitchen being painted, we had Whirley Pop popcorn and a movie for dinner, and especially for us vegans who did not have lunch dessert, I made a Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cake.  In homage to P.F. Chang, I spread raspberry preserves on my plate first – delicious!


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