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Brown Tie Dinner

Posted by tinako on February 7, 2011

I needed dinner to come together fast, so we had whole wheat bowties with Marinara to which I added frozen navy beans, topped with Cashew Parmesan. I also sprinkled some red pepper flakes on mine.

Along with this we had the last of the Apple Wheat Rolls and microwaved cauliflower tossed with margarine, defrosted cilantro, salt and pepper.

Dessert was two squares of Ghirardelli 70% baking bar.  Wegman’s Nature’s Market February magazine had an article on chocolate which mentioned this study from the University of Copenhagen which I found interesting:

ScienceDaily (Dec. 23, 2008) — New research at the Faculty of Life Sciences (LIFE) at the University of Copenhagen – shows that dark chocolate is far more filling than milk chocolate, lessening our craving for sweet, salty and fatty foods.


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