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Pigeon Pea Pie

Posted by tinako on February 9, 2011

Whole Grain Herb Rolls

My parents came for dinner tonight, and I made Tamale Pie, only I messed up and discovered too late that I had no frozen black beans, only pigeon peas.  The mix wasn’t so great in the skillet, but when baked it was fine, though not as good as black beans.

We also had Imagine Creamy Butternut Squash SoupWhole-Grain Herb Rolls, and steamed Swiss chard.  Everything was very good.

Dessert, on the other hand…  I took Vegan Planet out of the library again and made Five Spice Chocolate Layer Cake with Maple-Chocolate Frosting.  Looking back on this disaster and trying to figure out what went wrong, I’m not coming up with much.  I cut the recipe in half but think I did it accurately.  I didn’t notice the sifting instructions, so that didn’t happen.  My timer got reset so I totally lost track of the time.  I cooked it until a skewer came out clean.  But it was awful.  Even if the texture hadn’t been like a mushy silicone hotpad, I am not a fan of molasses, especially in a chocolate cake.  I am not sure I have ever thrown away an entire dessert before, but this one went in the compost.  Very disappointing considering the expense of the ingredients and the extra time spent to make this recipe.

While it seems most likely that I messed up something with the cake, I think I am blameless about the “frosting.”  She has a different definition of frosting than I do.  This is chocolate pudding.  My son said it was bitter.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a tofu “frosting” that tasted good.  Why do I keep trying?

But I remember loving many other recipes in this cookbook, a few of which are featured here (search on “Vegan Planet”), so don’t let this turn you off from it.


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