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Glazed Almonds

Posted by tinako on February 10, 2011

"Glazed" Almonds

I had a nice salad at a conference yesterday and they offered sweet sliced almonds and cranberries to sprinkle on.  That was nice, so I decided to do my own Glazed Almonds.  I didn’t bother to look anything up, just give it a try like my brother had done with walnuts.  I coarsely chopped a cup of raw almonds I had in the freezer and sauteed them with 1/4 c sugar.  They came out grainy-looking, nothing like my brother’s, but tasted crunchy and good.  Maybe walnuts have more oil and with almonds you have to add some.


For lunch I made a salad with lettuce, cucumber, leftover salsa from Chipotle, slivered raw beet, the glazed almonds, and dried cranberries.  The sweet stuff didn’t go well with the salsa, but it was OK.  I had this with a banana and no-salt veggie juice.

Chili Cornmeal Crusted Tofu

Dinner was Chili-Cornmeal Crusted Tofu, one of my family’s favorites.

Potato Medley

With this we had a medley of potatoes (baking, Yukon, purple, and sweet) boiled and then tossed with margarine, Rosemary, salt and pepper.

Kale in Coconut Milk

Lastly, kale cooked in leftover coconut milk from the tofu.  I should have put in garlic and ginger like I did before, but they were OK with plenty of salt.


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