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Cuban Black Bean Soup

Posted by tinako on February 15, 2011

Soup Night, and we had Cuban Black Bean Soup, Whole Grain Herb Rolls, and a salad with lettuce, cuke, shredded raw carrot and beet, Glazed Almonds, dried cranberries, and Green Goddess Dressing.

Dessert was that Mahalo bar I bought yesterday, and boy it was good.  Just like I remember an Almond Joy, only even sweeter.    Almond Joy was made with dark chocolate, and this is some vegan milk chocolate, which I hardly ever have.  So not sure if it is my tastes that have changed or it really is sweeter due to being milk chocolate.

Another thing I noticed is that generally by the time I have finished a second square of dark chocolate (153 calories), I feel satisfied.  I did not have that feeling after eating this much larger candy at 280 calories; I wanted more.  Maybe it’s because of this effect.  Anyway, I think Mahalo would be a bad habit to start.


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