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Mexican Chocolate Snickerdoodles

Posted by tinako on February 17, 2011

Pigeon Peas and Garlicky Greens

Dinner tonight was Cilantro-Lime Linguine with Almond-Basil Pesto or Marinara, Pigeon Peas and Garlicky Kale, Ginger-Lime Edamame, and salad with lettuce, cuke, carrot, Glazed Almonds, dried cranberries, and Green Goddess Dressing.  This looks pretty fancy when I write it all out, but there are a lot of leftovers in there.

Mexican Chocolate Snickerdoodles

Dessert was leftover Tapioca Pudding.  I also made some Mexican Chocolate Snickerdoodles to take to a friend’s.  I was excited about having cookies with cayenne pepper in them, but there isn’t enough to taste I don’t think.

Update: The four of us, including two kids, couldn’t taste any spiciness at all.  My friends all could to varying degrees, with one deciding she’d better not finish.  Everybody said they liked them, though.

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