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Boston’s Gourmet Pizza

Posted by tinako on February 23, 2011

“If possessing a higher degree of intelligence does not entitle one human to use another for his own ends, how can it entitle humans to exploit nonhumans for the same purpose?” – Peter Singer

I’m visiting family, and it was decided to go to Boston’s Gourmet Pizza again.  I’ve been there before (first time, second time), and had mixed results.  This time was good; I ordered the same two things.  The Cranberry-Pecan salad was excellent as usual.  The Florentine Pizza I told them no sauce, no cheese, and please put olive oil and plenty of vegetables on.  I said if they weren’t able to put a lot of veggies on then to just skip the whole thing.  It came out well, loaded with veggies.  My only complaint is that the oil was most likely canola; it had no flavor at all.  Oh, and I forgot they offer whole wheat pizza dough, darnit!

My sister-in-law got a pasta dish with Fra Diablo sauce.  It looked terrific, and I recalled that the Fra Diablo was listed with no dairy or eggs on the web site.  I hadn’t ordered it because I had no idea what it was, figuring it was some kind of BBQ sauce or something.  Turns out it’s a spicy red sauce, like arrabiata.  I would definitely get that on the pizza, or even order the pasta.  If Boston’s would give me a hint as to what’s vegan, I wouldn’t have to order in this haphazard way.  I wrote to them to suggest that they help their vegan customers out on their web site.

As usual, I sidestep the issue that there is never restaurant dessert for me (and my daughter) by making something yummy ahead of time.  Per request, I made Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cake.  It was so very, very good.

Rooster from Farm Sanctuary NY

My family here is very interested in the chickens I have been taking care of and the watercolor painting I just finished (at right).  They liked to see the photos I took last week, and we’ve had many discussions about chickens’ personalities, with several people talking about friendly chickens they have known.

My husband’s grandmother said they had two Easter chicks, one of whom lived.  They called him Henry, and he used to follow her around on their tree farm.  When she would bend over to pick up wet laundry, the chicken would jump onto her shoulder and then ride around on her.  The kids were heartbroken when a neighbor’s dog killed Henry.  She mentioned that eggs don’t taste good anymore, and of course that opened the door for a gentle yet honest conversation about commercial egg farms.

It was exactly my idea in painting images like this to convey that there is someone in there, someone whose interests and suffering are worth considering.  There are so many opportunities to speak up, if we’re only ready.


One Response to “Boston’s Gourmet Pizza”

  1. Beautiful watercolor! Well done!

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