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Great Escape Lodge, Day 2

Posted by tinako on February 24, 2011

“Our lives are all that really belong to us, so it is how we use our lives that determines what kind of men we are.” – Cesar Chavez

Still at a hotel with vegan-option-free restaurants, but well-prepared, so breakfast and lunch were all things we brought with us: cereal with soymilk in nesting plastic bowls with plastic spoons, grapefruit juice, and tea.  For an almost-lunch snack when we didn’t want to leave the waterpark area, we split fries and a big pretzel.  Lunch was microwaved tofu I cooked before we came here, granola bars, pretzels, PBJ, vegetable juice, tea, and apples.

On the way back from Panera last night we picked up a menu from Chinatown Restaurant in Queensbury, NY, so we ordered from there.  I was dubious because they had much fewer meat-free options on their menu than usual.  I called and asked if their noodles had egg in them and was told no.  I was told that all their sauces had chicken broth in them but that they could be made with water instead.  I took her word for that and and ordered Cold Sesame Noodles, Veggie Lo Mein, and asked them to make a dish I’ll call Tina’s Delight, which was stir-fried veggies, tofu, and cashews.  They did a great job.  The Sesame Noodles were actually warm and more sweet and less sesame-oil than I would like, but the Lo Mein was fine and they did a fantastic job with Tina’s Delight.  It was in a nice sauce and they even fried the tofu just how I like it even though I didn’t ask (didn’t want to push my luck).  From what I could see it looked like a nice place inside, not just a takeout dive.

Tonight I have been trying to find a place to eat lunch in Glen’s Falls tomorrow that serves vegetables, which is incredibly frustrating with this terrible internet connection.  But I wanted to pass on the chuckle I got when I looked at a menu for 132 Glen Bistro; it claimed to have a diverse menu, and what a diversity: six kinds of meat.  Urbanspoon listed two “vegan friendly” restaurants.  One was Nemos New England Seafood Steakhouse.  Sound vegan-friendly?  I didn’t bother looking at their menu.  The other was the more promising-sounding Gourmet Cafe.  Still I’m not sure I’d call it vegan friendly, since there is not a single vegan item and they offer no legumes of any kind.  Dear Restaurateurs: It is OK to have one item on your menu without cheese.  But they had some veggie wraps/salads/sandwiches I can hold the cheese on and maybe there will still be flavor; sometimes (I;m talking about you, Great Northern Pizza Kitchens) when you veganize a veggie sandwich you get plain raw veggies on a bun.  Now, I like veggies, but I also like flavor.  Anyway, it will be better than Applebees.  Or starving.  Not sure which is worse.


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