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Posted by tinako on February 27, 2011

My husband would like to eat more healthy.  No, let’s be accurate.  He would like to be more healthy.  Or, perhaps closer to the truth… he would like his blood test results to behave.  In any event, he is somewhat reluctantly accepting the bitter, bitter pill that he will have to eat things he does not like all that much and eat less of some things he likes very much.

I’m not going to go on about the things he does and doesn’t like all that much, because this is not his blog.  But it is about what I cook, and one idea I had for him was smoothies.  He gets hungry.  He needs to get more energy and satisfaction from food without those pesky cholesterol and triglyceride counts tattling on whatever it is he eats at work.  He needs to eat more from the fruits and veggies groups.  He does not like veggies.  So I thought: He likes berries.  But berries are too expensive to gobble up in the quantities he needs to take up the place vegetables would.  So, frozen.  Everybody likes milkshakes, and so he agreed to give smoothies a try.  Here is what we did.

After talking about eating more healthfully, he decided he didn’t want to bring takeout pizza to my parents’ like we usually do on Sundays, so instead I made a salad bar and we brought popcorn over to my parents’ for afterwards.  The salad bar had fresh spinach and basil, cukes, shredded carrot and beet all together, and then on the side a new batch of Glazed Almonds (this time I only used 2 T sugar and added in some agave; that seemed to help though it made the almonds a bit more sticky), also Faux Feta, microwaved tofu, sesame seeds, and dried cranberries.  Dressing was oil and balsamic vinegar or the marinade from the feta.

I figured that between the protein you could add to the salad and a big heaping helping of popcorn (whole grain, after all), that would be a pretty good meal.


One Response to “Smoothies”

  1. Rob said

    Smoothies are a great idea! We enjoy them regularly. There are lots of recipes out there but they tend to be unnecessarily detailed; a smoothie need be no more complicated than throwing a fruit salad together. 3 oranges (Valencia oranges are sweeter than navel ones), 2 dates, 1 apple, 1 cup of water, and a sprinkle of ginger and cinnamon is a good place to start. Makes two tall drinks and you’re each eating a lot of fruit!

    We often add kale or spinach leaves to boost vitamin content. These will definitely add an intense “green” flavor though, so start with a little, taste, and add more until you’ve reached a flavor you think the family will tolerate.

    Great sweeteners for balancing that green flavor: a handful of fresh grapes (seeds are OK, they’ll be blended) or a few dates. I’ve tried agave, raw brown sugar, and stevia, but none have had the sweetening power in a smoothie of either grapes or dates.

    Note – any fruit you use unpeeled (like apples) should be organic. Who wants a pesticide smoothie?

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