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Posted by tinako on February 28, 2011

Worldwatch Institute (Wikipedia entry) is claiming that the 18% greenhouse-gases-from-livestock figure that the U.N. came up with is too low, and the actual number should be 51%.

Last year the U.N. did urge people to move to veganism.


One Response to “51%”

  1. Rob said

    Livestock were thought to contribute about one tenth of carbon emissions, more than a third of methane, and about two thirds of nitrous oxide emissions. The most alarming thing is the methane, because methane is 23 times more potent than carbon dioxide in trapping heat. It doesn’t last as long in the atmosphere though; in its first five years in the atmosphere methane traps heat nearly 100 times more powerfully than carbon dioxide. This is why methane is a huge issue, and a primary reason why livestock emissions are a huge problem.

    70% of the world’s agricultural land is farming livestock, while people in many places starve. Half of all the world’s corn, and 90% of all the world’s soy, goes to livestock. A full half of all the energy used in the agriculture industry goes into the production and distribution of livestock feed. A child starves to death somewhere in the world every five seconds. Check your watch. What if we were planting food for humans instead of for animals which we condemn to slaughter anyway?

    And for those who eat meat, consider that 16 pounds of grain are used to produce one pound of beef. Only one industry tolerates such gross inefficiency: meat production.

    As Western economies shift production costs to third-world countries, standards of living in those places gradually improve. Along with those improvements has come a growing taste for an unhealthy Western diet, and CAFOs have been set up in many places worldwide. The tragic, wasteful inefficiency of CAFOs has spread. Our meat production industry counts the profits due to their export, while the world’s health and environment declines.

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