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New Vitamin D recommendations

Posted by tinako on February 28, 2011

For once we’re being told we don’t need as much of a nutrient as we thought.

This is a relief since I think I’m allergic to my D2 pills.  I’ve been itchy since October and I just made the tentative connection.  My doctor wanted me to take more, and that very day the itching got worse.  Now I’ve stopped them all together and I’m blissfully itch-free.

I wrote about my quest for vegan vitamin D here.


One Response to “New Vitamin D recommendations”

  1. tinako said

    FYI my doctor says this isn’t true.

    “This study/review that came out many doctors disagree with. They say that most people are not Vit d deficient ( which is false). Also this study , one of the doctors who was part of this panel is on the board of a pharmaceutical company that is coming out with a Vit d analog drug. So, many physicians think this is why they say all these false things about Vit d ( they want to make money by coming out with a vitamin D drug which they can charge much more for.”

    I’m not sure that makes a lot of sense, but I don’t know what to believe any more.

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