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Chili con Tempeh

Posted by tinako on March 10, 2011

Chili con Tempeh

I picked up a free magazine, Delicious Living, and decided to try their Chili con Tempeh recipe.  It was pretty good, though not the best chili I’ve ever had; the texture was fine but I like more creative spices than just chili powder in my chili.  I added more chili powder, cumin, and cocoa powder, and that improved it, but I would have preferred a recipe that told me what would be good.  What I really did like was the whole idea of food-processing the raw tempeh instead of using the frozen veggie crumbles or TVP.  I plan to use that idea in future.

Salad and Chili

We had that over leftover takeout rice and with a salad bar like this one.

4 Responses to “Chili con Tempeh”

  1. Rob said

    If tempeh had a leg it would definitely kick carne’s butt.

    I’m with you: a lot of recipes aren’t spiced as as I like. I think this may be because many recipe writers cater to average Americans: people accustomed to relatively bland, salty, highly sweetened, overly processed American food. Very rarely do I follow recipes exactly; I view them as a suggestion and starting place.

  2. Cocoa powder in chili? There’s something I’ve never tried. How does it taste? How does it add to that “Chili” flavor?

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