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Soup Night

Posted by tinako on March 15, 2011

Chickpea and Pasta Soup, Whole Wheat Roll, and Salad

I am very happy to announce that the New York Times Magazine has begun their new cooking column on, for me, a very positive note.  Instead of the typical recipe drowned in dairy or featuring some boutique meat, the new writer, Mark Bittman, provides for us four soup recipes, with two variations each, so twelve in all, all of which are vegetarian, and most of which are vegan.  Hip, Hip, Hooray!

I tried his Chickpea and Pasta Soup, but I didn’t like his directions, which did not include presoaking the beans.  That means we would be drinking the soak water, which as I understand it would have the ogliosaccharides in it.  Those are the indigestible sugars that give beans a bad name – you know how the song goes.  I also find it pretty confusing to make soup using recipes where I have to look up and down to figure out what to put in and what to substitute; my brain just doesn’t work like that.

With this we had Whole Wheat Rolls and salad with those sprouts.

I had some cooked chickpeas in the freezer, so I essentially followed my Refrigerator Soup recipe only I forced myself to stick to his ingredients instead of emptying out my produce bin.  So it was onion, carrot, celery, bay leaf, chickpeas, rosemary, and Eden small multicolor 60% whole wheat shells.  It was very, very, very good.  My daughter is not normally a soup fan – she had fourths, and finished off the pot.


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