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Happy Second Blogiversary to Me

Posted by tinako on April 14, 2011

Today marks the second year of this food blog.  I’ve entered here pretty much every recipe I’ve made for two years and exhaustively answered the question of what this vegan eats.  (Whoopee.)

Over the past few weeks I’ve become selective about which meals I post, skipping the more repetitive ones, and that will probably continue.  So, I’m not keeping any great meals from you; it’s all there in the archives to the left and the headings up top.

Now for the second annual stats analysis:

In the two years this blog has been up, I’ve had 32,000 views.  My busiest day was 176.  In 2009 I averaged 27 views per day; in 2010 45; and so far this year I’m averaging 80 views per day.  Friends and family are telling me I should start selling ads, but I am not comfortable with that.

I have 680 posts and Askimet has protected me from 3,624 spam comments.  Thanks, Askimet!

What search terms are bringing people here?  I’m mystified to announce that the #1, 2, and 4 spots are taken by variations on “worms.”  After that, the search terms seem similar to last year’s analysis.  It’s not easy for me to pull out from April to April, so these are all-time search terms.  It’s also difficult to get a good summary since people enter similar search terms differently, but a lot of people want to know about vegans and cancer.

What are people looking at?  My home page got almost 10,000 hits.  Not only is this the main portal of course, but it also contains half a dozen of my most recent postings, so that makes it hard to tell which of those postings is more popular.  Anyway, the number two spot goes to Of Worms and Turtles, which has been baffling me since it took off last fall.  Number three is the same bread recipe that was popular last year.  Number four is a page of links to vegan/cancer studies.  Number five is a list of links to readings from the Psych 123 class on food I took online through Yale; I think it’s just a really helpful posting that people return to.  And from there down the list looks like last year’s.


One Response to “Happy Second Blogiversary to Me”

  1. Rob said

    Happy Blogaversary! The stats really are fascinating, and you’re right: the search terms can be both weird and hilarious.

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