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Garden Salad

Posted by tinako on June 30, 2011

Salad Greens

We are at my parents’ cottage, and the garden I planted here in April is bursting.  In it is lime basil and sweet basil, cuke, yellow and paste tomatoes, Swiss chard, collards, mesclun lettuces, cilantro, purple potatoes, soybeans, garlic, hot pepper, and zucchini.  I splurged and bought heirloom seeds of almost everything.  Everything’s growing so well, and even a purslane sprouted and has gotten big.  My perennial herb garden has oregano, chives, sage, and spearmint.

I made a salad from the mesclun, basils, cilantro, chives, spearmint, wood sorrel, and purslane.  I topped it with shredded beet and We dressed it with Balsmic Herb Vinaigrette, which never lets me down.  This salad was wonderful with all the different flavors.

The rest of dinner was Curried Lentils over whole wheat fusilli.

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