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Ice Cream Stands

Posted by tinako on July 2, 2011

We were in Ithaca today and an ice cream vendor right near the Commons had two kinds of vegan ice cream: pineapple coconut (coconut milk) and blueberry blast (rice milk).  My daughter and I got the blueberry and it was awesome.  My husband tried some and said it was better than his non-vegan.  The texture was awesome.

Last week we stopped at Cayuga Creamery.  They usually have one fruity soy and one non-fruity, chocolate chip or coffee or something.  I’m not the type that would usually choose fruity over vanilla-based, but I’m always disappointed in their non-fruity flavors.  Last week they didn’t have fruity and again I was disappointed.  My daughter and I agreed that in the Cookies & Cream, the cookies were fine but the rest was icy and didn’t taste like anything.  But we’re excited that places are trying!


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