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Posted by tinako on July 3, 2011

I put one exclamation point for every year I went without smores.  They are not usually vegetarian due to the gelatin in the marshmallows, but you can now buy vegan marshmallows.

I bought some Dandies from Vegan Essentials, and we tried toasting them over a fire a few weeks ago; they were great!  My husband, non-veg, said he doesn’t usually like toasted marshmallows but he liked these.

So tonight I had a different brand, Sweet and Sarah, which I can buy locally.  It seemed strange to have square marshmallows, but they worked well.

I also bought my favorite chocolate, Ghirardelli 70% dark baking chocolate, cut each square in half, and got some Nabisco Grahams.

The dark chocolate has less fat than your standard Herhey bar, I think, so did not melt that much, but it was all still so wonderful.


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