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How Not to Make Lava Cake, Part 10?

Posted by tinako on September 5, 2011

Lava Sludge

I’m not sure how many tries it has been.  I’m on a quest to replicate Dr. Oetker’s organic lava cake mix.  It is pretty expensive and includes disposable cake tins, so I would rather DIY.  The ingredients are simple and vegan, and it is done with just one mix.  It comes out tender cake on the outside and liquid on the inside.  How do they do it??

This time I tried this non-vegan recipe from Savory Sweet Life and veganized it with a tip I found that said Ener-G doesn’t work for lava cakes, and said she had good luck with substituting 3/4 t xantham gum and 1/4 c water for each egg.  Unfortunately she didn’t mention what recipe she uses!

It did not work.  The cake was edible when hot, ranging from less sludgy on the outside to more sludgy on the inside.  Cooking this more or less would have just skewed the sludginess factors a bit – nothing was going to save this mess.  The next day it was appalling, but then probably all lava cake is.

I just had a thought – maybe somehow it is the little tins!  Maybe using ramekins is the problem.  Hope springs eternal.



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