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“Enjoy the Green Life” with Microwaveable Beef Pot Roast

Posted by tinako on September 9, 2011

Sierra Club's Plan for Environmental Sustainability

Why is The Sierra Club promoting Boston Market’s one-serving frozen Beef Pot Roast?

It’s “Earth-Friendly” because its tray is made partly of calcium carbonate so it uses 40% less plastic and emits 55% less greenhouse gas pollution.  But they could switch their packaging from illegally-harvested mahogany crates to recycled banana leaf envelopes and it still wouldn’t change the fact that beef is the worst thing for the environment you can eat, and a single-serving frozen meal is probably one of the worst ways to eat it.

Sierra concludes, “It’s nice to see a well-established brand make a proactive move toward a more sustainable environment.”


One Response to ““Enjoy the Green Life” with Microwaveable Beef Pot Roast”

  1. […] suggesting fluorescent light bulbs to people eating too much meat, and the organizations’ diet myopia makes me tear my hair […]

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