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Three Sisters

Posted by tinako on November 17, 2011

Chilean Dish

I made a Chilean dish from Vegetarian Journal’s summer 2011 issue featuring recipes from Chile.  It was basically corn, lima beans, and squash, so my daughter was excited that it was like the American Indian dishes she’s been learning about.  I ignorantly expected it to be spicy or have some special unique flavor – it more or less tasted like the vegetables.  Which was OK, but I like more zip.

King Cabbage

With this we had King Cabbage.

Butternut Squash

And another dish of butternut squash to use up the rest, this one roasted with olive oil and coriander. I think last time I made this it was too oily.  This time I spared the oil and it just didn’t taste like much.  I should just stick to pureeing.

Dessert was Lemon Poppy Cake which I made with whole wheat pastry flour this time.  It was OK, just a little coarser.


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