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Christmas Eve

Posted by tinako on December 24, 2011

I volunteered for cooking duty for Christmas Eve again this year.  Beats the year when I cooked a big meal on Christmas Day, ugh.

Friday I made Cuban Black Bean Soup and Garlic Herb Bread to have for today’s lunch, and also cooked the kidney beans for tonight’s dinner, and took the Tofurkey out of the freezer.

Tofurkey, with roasted onion, purple potatoes, and carrots

Saturday I started 2 hours ahead of dinnertime and it worked out perfectly.  I basted the Tofurkey, as directed, with a sage marinade, put some root veggies around it, and cooked it over an hour as directed.  I bought this Tofurkey at half price 9-12 months ago, but its expiration date is still a year away.  It came out perfect.  It made about nine slices and was plenty for five adults and two kids.

There was a packet of gravy, which was good, and a “wish-stick” which I gave to the kids.  It was two pieces of vegan jerky which was presented in an X but not stuck together, so I’m not sure what you were supposed to do.  They didn’t really get the idea or like the taste, but we had two dogs on hand, so it worked out well.

Tofurkey, African Stew on Rice, and Salad

For those who have a prejudice against a Tofurkey, I made African Stew and a brown rice blend.  We also had a salad.

For dessert we ate most of the Gingerbread House.  There was an Amy’s cake in the Tofurkey box, but I forgot about it.


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