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Two Men With Heart Disease

Posted by tinako on March 29, 2012

I tabled with RAVS at a health fair today.  We talked to about 25 people.  I’m really impressed with PCRM‘s handout nutrition booklet “Vegetarian Starter Kit.”  It is very appealing with nice graphics, and made it easy to discuss a lot of issues and send people home with something easy to understand.

This morning I thought up the idea for “Two men with heart disease,” composed a poster, printed it out and had it on the table with the handouts.  The other staffer laughed at my photo of Cheney; I could have been much more cruel, but I had held back.  All the photos I saw of Clinton were calm and happy, but at least half the photos of Cheney he was angry with his mouth open.  So I figure my poster was just reflecting the truth.  Anyway, as little as I like Dick Cheney, I’m not blaming him for his condition, just asking people to reflect on why one treatment is considered normal and the other is not.

The idea was based on a Compassionate Cooks podcast where Colleen first described open heart surgery and then compared that with the alternative by reading a recipe for split pea soup.


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