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Getting Ready to Go

Posted by tinako on April 5, 2012

My parents came for dinner and I made Egyptian Lentil Soup, Pita Bread, Roasted Green Beans, and microwaved broccoli with balsamic vinegar.  Dessert was Coconut Amaretto Cake.

Because we’re leaving tomorrow and spending Easter with out-of-town family, I prepared by making up a list of things to bring and prepare ahead of time.  I used to have a “buy” column but their grocery store’s prices are outrageous, 50% more than our terrific Wegman’s, so I avoid that if I possibly can.

Following my list, I went shopping and then I cooked up some chickpeas to take.  They are handy for mashing into a sandwich spread or dropping into a vegetable soup.  I also made Cashew Parmesan and Cashew Ricotta for the Torta Pasquelina I make for our Easter entree, and put the ricotta in the freezer.

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