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Posted by tinako on April 8, 2012

Easter is my and my daughter’s anniversaries for going vegan: four years for me, two years for her.

We’re not Christian, but we’ve celebrated the last three Easters the way I began with my first deliberately vegan meal: Torta Pasquelina.  I had to make it away from home this year, but no worries.  I made the ricotta and parmesan ahead of time and froze the ricotta for the trip – came out fine.  After searching high and low for whole wheat phyllo, I was stuck with white flour phyllo again (Filo Factory), which I swore I’d never use after last year’s issues, but this year it worked out fine.  I even forgot to defrost it and just microwaved it on low for two minutes and let is sit out 20 minutes, no problem.  The sheets came apart easily.  Again I used my Misto oil sprayer with olive oil, which makes things fast and easy.  One other difference is that instead of following the directions to put the round top pieces on and then fold the sides on top, which I always thought looked kind of messy, though in a cool crinkly way, I folded the sides over first and then laid on the tops.  It looked much nicer, and I would do that again, even though the top piece was a bit loose and tended to come off while cutting.

It was a huge hit with my in-laws, and all agreed it was even better the next day as leftovers.

Other vegan items on the table were a terrific green salad my brother-in-law made, a pasta salad made simply with bowties, red peppers (can’t remember if they were cooked), and Italian dressing, mashed squash, cooked carrots, and twice-baked potatoes my MIL thoughtfully made with Earth Balance.

I made a Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cake, too, substituting about half the oil with applesauce.  It was truly wonderful, is always the requested dessert, always gets rave reviews, and if you have not tried it you should.

My kids are getting a bit old for Easter baskets, but I put together a little bowl of candy for each of them: jelly beans, Ghirardelli dark chocolate squares, and Smarties.  I made some Coconut Chocolate Candy, too.  I liked them a lot; others tended to take just one and be done.

We also took a celebratory hike in the woods, and you will not be surprised to hear that the three vegans (me, daughter, and dog) vastly out-hiked the vegetarian (older son) and the omnivore (husband).  They wore out and we had to turn around.


One Response to “Veganniversary”

  1. Congratulations on the veganniversary, and on the energy level!

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