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Posted by tinako on May 9, 2012

Now that my husband’s new job lets him be home for dinner more often, I thought I would try to at least sometimes offer more picky-omni-friendly fare, so I’m declaring Wednesdays, previously unaffiliated, to be Fake Meat Night.

This stuff can be expensive, so I was happy to pick up two packages of expiring Gardein Tuscan Breasts marked down.  I threw one pack in the freezer and baked the other tonight.  I was disappointed there were no recipes on the box, and the only recipe for this product at their web site was a fancy Tal Ronnen invention which was loaded with picky-unfriendly mushrooms, and even had pantry-unfriendly truffle oil, for pete’s sake.  It said on the package to just pair it with pasta or a salad, but I must admit that I was mystified.  This product was stumping me, and it took me longer than I’d like to say before I realized that I had forgotten how to center a meal around meat.  It has been 20 years!

Salad with Faux Feta, Linguine with Pesto, Tuscan Breast

I had been thinking of somehow incorporating the fake meat into a larger dish, like I would usually do for tofu or beans, but once I figured out that I needed to cook the old way, I did fine.  The breast came with a red sauce that was good; that’s what you see in the bottom right of the picture, and is about half a piece.   I cooked some whole wheat linguine and tossed it in the rest of that instant pesto I made and froze a while back.  I also heated up some of my regular pasta sauce for the picky who wanted to cover up the pesto taste.  And I made a salad with green leaf lettuce, spinach, cilantro, basil, and tomato, with Faux Feta on the side.

I thought the breast had a somewhat strange texture but was pretty good.  My vegan daughter didn’t like it but my vegetarian son and omni husband did.  A package has two separately-wrapped pieces; I baked both and sliced them before serving, and I felt that was enough for four of us, since my daughter and I didn’t have much.


One Response to “Gardein”

  1. Debbie said

    I seldom eat fake meat but I gotta admit that lately I have been craving Gardin sliders. YUM. I picked up up a box at food fight a few weeks ago and ate all of them in one meal…I probably should not have admitted that 🙂 I do like most of the Gardin products.

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