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Posted by tinako on June 4, 2012

Two years ago I read and blogged about Jeffrey Smith’s book “Seeds of Deception.”  Mr. Smith came to Rochester yesterday and I went to hear him speak.  He’s quite a persuasive speaker and you can hear what seems to be a very similar talk online, “Everything You Have To Know About Dangerous Genetically Modified Foods.”  For some reason for the online talk he begins with “what you can do now that you know you don’t want GMOs,” so I recommend you begin at 12 minutes in and then go back afterwards and watch the beginning if you want.

At the end of yesterday’s talk, he deftly helped some of us organize a local action group which will begin meeting next week.  Some things I plan to do before then are tell my friends (did that), play the video for my dad and husband, and distribute some literature when I table for the vegetarian society, which I’m doing next weekend.  Also, while I had recently stopped purchasing some suspected GMO foods such as corn flakes, I plan to inform the manufacturers why I did it.

I’d also like to be more informed about the issue so I am able to speak more convincingly.  Vegan issues I have down cold, but recently many people have asked me questions about GMOs and I find myself not sure of how to explain why I avoid them.  When I read the book I found the studies convincing, but can’t explain them on the fly.  Somehow vegan issues seem more intuitive, more about compassion, cholesterol, energy, pollution, sustainability, all issues we can readily understand.  GMOs are about genes, lab tests, suppressed and deceitful data, and all while asking people to mistrust the FDA, universities, farmers, and the media.  I keep referring people to Smith’s website, but the questions keep coming.  What an opportunity if only I could find a way to boil it down.  Smith offers a webinar to do this, but it’s $80.  Maybe we can work something out through our new group.

Others in the group seemed interested in furthering legislation or a proposition on labeling in N.Y., which sounds great.  I am excited about the vote coming up in California.


One Response to “GMOs II”

  1. Hello! I came across this post from the WordPress dashboard. Thanks for bringing this issue up! I agree with you – it’s not a topic that seems as clear-cut as healthy eating or animal welfare, and it’s a topic most people don’t really know about! So I appreciate the resource you mentioned…I’ll have to take a look (err, listen). Thanks again! Your blog is great, and keep up the good work! 🙂

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