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Posted by tinako on May 12, 2013

002We had Calzones for dinner.  They were filled with Cashew Ricotta, defrosted frozen spinach (water squeezed out), and shredded carrot.  There was quite a bit of carrot per calzone (~3/4 c?) and I worried it might taste “healthy” but I didn’t even notice it.

The sauce is from my garden last fall.  When the Roma tomatoes storing in the basement are ripe, I just get out my biggest iron pot and saute some garlic (so easy to grow, maybe 8 cloves for a gallon of tomatoes) in olive oil on low for a minute.  Then I start dumping in halved tomatoes.  I’m too lazy to peel or seed them, but if they’re not Roma, I do squeeze out excess water.  I add 1/2 c red wine for every 2 quarts of fresh tomatoes.  I bring them to a boil and cook them down for a long time, adding plenty of fresh or dried herbs such as oregano, basil, maybe Rosemary, it depends on what I have on hand from the garden.  I’ll often add a fresh, sliced jalapeno, since I grow those, too.  Salt and pepper.  I do a lot of adjusting to taste, and it never tastes exactly the same.  Tip: if the sauce is too sweet, add oregano.  I seldom add sugar, but once in a while it helps.  When it’s cooked down pretty well, I puree it in batches, returning to the pot if it needs to thicken some more, and adjusting the seasonings.  Then I freeze it. This “recipe” is the same as my standard Marinara, adapted for fresh tomatoes.

I have about a quart and a half of sauce left, and then I’ll start making sauce with canned tomatoes.


One Response to “Calzones”

  1. Excellent! Homegrown sauce is the best!

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