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“Don’t Be Chicken” in Lemon Wine Sauce

Posted by tinako on September 12, 2013

My Lodge cast iron grill

My Lodge cast iron grill, which I love.

Once a week we have fake meat meat night, usually stovetop-grilled Tofurky Beer Brats etc. or Wegman’s Don’t Be Chicken breasts.  Tonight we had the chicken.  Usually I’ll serve it with whole wheat pasta, often using the same tomato sauce on pasta and chicken… boy I hate saying chicken when I mean food.  Chickens are friends, not food.  What can we call this stuff that doesn’t imply we’re fine with eating our friends?  Anyway, sometimes I’ll make another sauce, and tonight was a favorite, Lemon and Wine Sauce.

With this we had steamed Swiss chard with balsamic vinegar, whole wheat fusili with tomato sauce, and salad with Maple-Balsamic dressing.  Everything had a sauce!


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