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Spaghetti and Tempeh Meatballs

Posted by tinako on December 19, 2013

Spaghetti, Tempeh Meatballs, Sauteed Kale

Spaghetti, Tempeh Meatballs, Sauteed Kale

Today was recipe three from my new cookbook, Isa Does It.  I made her Tempeh Meatballs for Spaghetti with Marinara, sauteed kale on the side.  The meatballs were good, though we added salt at the table.

I normally steam greens and we add balsamic vinegar at the table, but I get a little tired of that sometimes, so added a new simple prep: I have been buying bagged organic tuscan kale from Trader Joe’s, and I just toss a few handfuls into a small frypan with olive oil, and sprinkle on garlic salt.  I have pooh-poohed garlic salt in the past, but I like how it tastes on this.  Sometimes I add red pepper flakes at the table.  I find that cooked this way the kale has the flavor of kale chips; not crispy, but also not much work.

Isa’s book is really funny, and her recipes are fun to read.  My versions of them are usually pretty terse, so buy her book for the entertainment.  Here’s my discussion on recipe copyright.


One Response to “Spaghetti and Tempeh Meatballs”

  1. karengadient said

    I love Isa’s new cookbook—and her other ones too.

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