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Killing Contests

Posted by tinako on February 4, 2014

I want to share the letter I’m writing to my NY representatives as yet another killing contest approaches in our state.  There will be another noisy protest in Holley, but some friends and I are making plans for a silent vigil nearby.


The Holley, NY “Squirrel Slam” is just around the corner, one of many killing contests in our state.  In this particular contest, run by the Holley Fire Department, tickets are sold, hunters as young as 12 years old participate, and awards are given for the heaviest squirrel and the heaviest bag of five squirrels.   Last year prizes included cash, semi-automatic rifles, and shotguns.

I was deeply moved by the inappropriateness of this event last year, so close on the heels of the Webster Fire Department murders and Newtown, in which a very young man, almost a teenager, killed children with his mother’s gun; it made me wonder what on earth the Holley Fire Department could be thinking.  I was so sickened by this contest at such an awful time that I felt compelled to stand in the center of Holley for the event, being snowed on and yelled at.  The violence and the glee and celebration around it were breathtaking.  Newtown and Webster are a year farther in the past, but this event goes on, and as a parent and a part of nature, I again feel I must stand up and say, “This is unwise.”

Killing animals for fun and prizes perpetuates a culture of violence and sends a message to children that killing is fun and life has little value.  Killing contests like this have no place in a civilized society and are an embarrassment to our state.

Please support Senate Bill #4074/Assembly Bill #03661 to ban hunting contests.


2 Responses to “Killing Contests”

  1. This is horrible! Why do people have to kill animals for their stupid pleasure? Do something better than that… 😦

  2. […] I doubt it changed the minds of anyone with an already-formed opinion, and what we really need is a law, but a whole lot of people definitely know what was going on that day in the neighboring town, and […]

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