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This will attempt to be an categorization of the non-recipe postings.


Animal Rights 1 |
Cat Food

Chickens Next Door
Chimps Outperform College Students
Conklin Dairy Farm Abuse Comment and another
Cows, Dairy
Disturbing Animal Videos I Have Seen
Dung Beetles Use Tools
Elephant (cute)
Ethics into Action
Factory Farm Map
Fake Meat
Lions (cute)
Farm Sanctuary Visit
Maternal Instincts
Mournful Moos
No-Kill Shelters
Smart Rats
Smart Sheep
My Local Zoo
Vegan Fishing
What Kids Learn About Farms | Part 2
Why I care what other people eat


Global Warming

A Disregarded Truth
Local vs. Vegan

Standard American Diet’s Effect on Environment & Health
U.N. Urges Global Move to Veganism
Why I care what other people eat




The China Study 1: Peanuts
The China Study 2: Rats
The China Study 3: The Net Widens
The China Study 4: The Chinese
Other Studies

Cardiovascular Disease

The China Study
Other Studies

The China Study – my series discussing T. Collin Campbell’s book:

1: Peanuts
2: Rats
3: The Net Widens
4: The Chinese
5: Heart Disease
6: Osteoporosis
7: Diabetes
8: Studies I’m Not Interested In
Forks Over Knives


The China Study
Other Studies

Obesity, its causes and its consequences (also see Food Politics below)

Fat Land
Food and Addiction
Food Prices, Obesity, and Justice
Homeostasis of Body Weight
Killer at Large
Living Large

Mindless Eating (and podcast)
No wonder we’re obese – a new way of thinking about the epidemic
Obesity and Physical Activity
Obesity: A Public Health Problem?
Obesity: Diet vs. Physical Activity
Obesity: How About Supporting Personal Responsibility?
Overview of Obesity’s Causes and Solutions (JAMA)
Salt Cravings
Standard American Diet’s Effect on Environment & Health
Things Fat People Are Told
Yale Psych 123: Biology, Psychology, and Politics of Food – Free Online Course
Yale Psych 123: Biology, Psychology, and Politics of Food – Readings
Why I care what other people eat


The China Study
Other Studies

Food Politics (also see obesity above)

Food Prices, Obesity, and Justice
How to Mix Food and Politics

Industry Decides What’s “Better for You”

King Corn
Seeds of Deception
We Feed the World
Why isn’t there a veggie cartel?


Bad Diets

American Cancer Society and Jean Carper (and another post)
Junk Food – Where do we go from here?
Paleo Diet

Other Historical Diets
School Vending Machines
We’re Eating Less Meat

Diet Pills – Deceptive and Unsafe
Guiding Stars Shelf Labeling
In Defense of Food (and another post and another)
Not Overeating
/ Negative Imagery / New Habits
| 2
Utah Beef Council Debunks Myths About Beef
Vegan Children (with a digression on the Food Pyramid)
Vitamin B12

Vitamin D
| New Reccomendations
Why Can’t We Stick With a Healthy Diet?


My Blood Tests, Vegetarian vs. Vegan
Stretch Sensor Malfunction

How to…

Freeze Herbs
Make Stock
Plan Food for a Trip
Roast Peppers
Sprout Sprouts


Cutting Tools
Kitchen Design: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Mise en Place
Oven Temperatures
Quirky Gadgets



Eat Ethically
A Life Connected


Anti-vegan “humor”


Parzival and Luke
Worms and Turtles

Dance of Delusion
Echoes of Our Actions

Hobson’s Choice


Animal Liberation
The Art of Choosing

Beautiful Souls
Bee Movie

Blog, My
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

Color Me Vegan
Copyright Recipes

Just Food
The Kite Runner

The Omnivore’s Dilemma

Redemption (No-Kill Shelters)
Tal Ronnen
TV Cooks
Torchwood Countrycide

Unknown Knowns
Veganism.  Willpower?  Deprivation?

War and Peace

Zen Speaks

A Blind Man Carrying a Lantern
A Brief Breath
Carrying a Woman Across a River

A Cup of Zen
Enlightenment of the Wave
The Gates of Heaven

Giving and Receiving
The Spider and the Monk



Fat Chance Game
Jeans, Why Don’t They Fit?
Recipe Copyright
U.S. Vegans | More Vegans

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