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My Atlas Pasta Maker

Recipes from The Pasta Machine Cookbook by German.  Only about half the recipes are vegan.  I’m going to set it up like a master recipe you can alter at will.  You need an Atlas machine, and you”ll have to go elsewhere for good instructions.

  • 1 c durum semolina*
  • 1 t dried herbs or 1 T fresh (optional)
  • 1/3 c liquid (water or tomato/veggie juice or 2 T lime juice + water)

Mix in a bowl, knead 5 min.  Let rest under a towel 15 min.  Divide dough in half and run each half through your machine gradually using thicknesses 1 up to 5.  Run broad strips through cutter to make linguine, cut with a knife to make lasagna, or use a ravioli maker (made about 36).  You can dry the linguine or lasagna (on a pasta rack), and then freeze it if you wish, but don’t let the dough dry out if you’re making ravioli – have everything else ready to go.

The ravioli can be stored in a container with wax paper between the layers in the fridge or freezer before boiling.  Boil 5 min from the fridge or 10 min from the freezer.  I drain it when it floats to the surface, but I also tend to like pasta more cooked.

* So far I have only ever made pasta from durum semolina, which is white flour, but the book says that durum flour is basically a whole-wheat version that should work well, so I will keep an eye out for that.

I have three no-more-tears pasta-making tips:

  1. Don’t expect your stand mixer to do a very good job on the dough.  It’s so dry and hard that a dough hook which can’t reach all the way into the bowl (scrape the bottom) will just make powder.  Expect to have to do it by hand – it only takes 5 minutes.  I may have had good luck with a bread machine on dough cycle.
  2. Expect the dough to be tricky to get through the pasta machine the first two rolls through.  Even if you flatten it out some, it will not want to catch and will come through in lumpy pieces.  Just stack the pieces and put them them through again at the same setting.  Keep folding and reprocessing at the same setting until it holds together better, which should only take a few times.  Experiment with which ways to fold.
  3. I was never able to get the spaghetti-making wheels to work well.  I just use the linguine ones.  Go ahead and give the spaghetti a try, but possibly lower your expectations of it looking like the picture above.

Variations I have made:

  • Tomato-Basil
  • Tomato-Thyme
  • Cilantro-Lime

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