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What’s a vegan?

I can only speak for myself.  Some people have different ideas about what it means to be vegan, and what it is OK to eat as a vegan.

I do not eat any animal products.  This includes all meat, which in turn includes all birds and fish.  It also includes dairy and eggs.  A few hidden animal ingredients I have to watch for are gelatin, which is made from boiled bones, and carmine, which is crushed beetles.  I look for gelatin in marshmallows and the junkiest candy, and I look for the bugs in maraschino cherries.  I avoid honey and processed sugar, which is filtered through animal bone char.

I also do not purchase leather, wool, down, silk, or fur.  I do have a few items made of these materials (not fur) from before I went vegan.  Many vegans feel it is OK to use up these products, but often at some point become uncomfortable with them.

My latest quest is to get the animals out of my bathroom, purchasing lotions and soaps, etc., that do not contain animals and were not tested on them.

Why vegan?

I am vegan primarily for humane reasons, but there are other reasons to cut back on animal products, including health, the environment, and famine.  Other sites such as can tell you about all these reasons.  Maybe I’ll expand someday.

I became vegan on Easter 2008.

I’m not trying to be perfect, or better than other people; I just want to try to be a better me.  Being vegan makes me happy because I can strive to live in alignment with my values.

2 Responses to “Vegan”

  1. Mandee said

    Great description 🙂 Being vegan makes me very happy too!

  2. conradvisionquest said

    this is an awesome description. it’s as if you are in my head! can’t wait to poke around…

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