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Prune Puree

This is used as a fat substitute in baking.  I think you can buy something like this in the baking aisle but it is very expensive.  This usually makes more than I need so I just freeze the rest in ice cube trays (measure into compartments, then when frozen pop them out and put in a bag).  I got lecithin at the health food store.  The book says it improves the texture of fat-free baked goods.  If you leave it out, I can’t be responsible.  Lecithin does have some fat, so I guess it’s not really fat-free anymore if we want to get picky.

  • 3 oz. pitted prunes (about 1/2 c)
  • 1 c water, divided
  • 2 t lecithin granules

I often soften the prunes in half the water heated in the microwave before processing them.

Place the prunes, lecithin, and half the water in a food processor and process at high speed.  This makes a mess if I use all the water at first in my small food processor.  Be prepared for a bit of splashing.  When it’s calmed down a bit, add the rest of the water and process until smooth.


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